3 April 2015

Not good enough...

Sometimes I felt that I am not good enough for anyone, sometimes I think that I can improve myself for the better but it seems like it is not an easy job. Sometimes I felt so lonely when I still have a bunch of great friends around me. Sometimes I felt so shitty over myself and I can't help it.

Truth is, I'm feeling empty these days. Why? I don't know. I just feel like ranting it out to make myself feel better. I guess at some point of time, we just feel emotional for nothing and just want rant it all out. March didn't really went very well for me.. and I am glad that it's over! Time to move on, as well as I decided to switch for a new environment. Off to pursue my passion~

Thank you for all the unconditional love and never once give up on me. Happy 7th! <3
I hope April's will be a better month for me and for all of us. Happy Easter Day!

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