12 April 2015

Beauty Talks: Laneige BB Pore Control Cushion!

Finally... I am back with another beauty review! Hope all of you are doing fine lately. So let's get on the topic~ This is not a sponsored post. I paid for it and decided to share it to you since it is such a good product and I always believe sharing on things that work for me!!
 Introducing the Laneige BB Pore Control Cushion!

I am using shade 21
I really love their packaging, so sleek and pretty! ^~^

I've been searching for a good BB Cushion that doesn't clog my pores and causes any breakout since last year! After searching high and low and looking out for reviews on the best bb cushion... I finally found one!

I can't believe till now I still have the bunch of Brand X, Y, Z which has been lying around my make up table since 2014. Why? That's because I stop using it since all of them didn't work well on my skin and I find it a waste if I would to throw them away! Anyone feel me!!! What a waste of money! SAD GIRL.

Ever since I found the right one, I did not regret investing my money on a slightly more expensive Korean brands especially on Foundation (Laneige). Oh yes, their products are expensive (at least to me) because I really don't find the need to spend so much on just one product itself, that is why I've been using a lot of Innisfree products cause they works really well for me! Not to forget about how affordable and strong eco-friendly as a cosmetic/skincare brand! However, I cannot deny that I was disappointed in their BB Cushion... cause previously it breaks me out so bad. Maybe I guess the reason of breaking out from it.. could be either their ingredients that are too strong for my sensitive skin or the consistency is thick and not suitable for a daily wear.

Nonetheless, I found the perfect BB Cushion for myself! I have been using it since December 2014!!!! I don't intend to switch anymore unless I found a better one! For now, I decided to stick with Laneige BB Pore Control Cushion because it works damn well for me! 
 This is how the BB Cushion looks like from the inside. It comes with a puff & a clear mirror which will be very useful when you touch up your foundation in the public. 

Apparently I had no idea why the instructions are in English because previously the ones I bought are in Korea Language... but that doesn't matter that much la.

When I first tested their product on their counter, I told the staff that I wanted a shade to make me look slightly fairer. Had a hard time choosing because there are two shades which I wanted and now I decided to pick Shade 21 since I find that the colour will suit my skin colour better but slightly fairer. Hehe, is this consider a scam to people? lol, I am dying for a fairer skin!! 
 Showing you how the brand new puff looks like! The air puff is actually a ruby cell puff, it feels soft when applied. 

The thing that we definitely cannot avoid when using BB Cushion, yes the puff gets dirty easily after uncountable times of usage, I can't be bothered washing the puff. It's either I get another new ruby cell puff or I use my foundation brush as an application. Brushes work fine! 

I did a light press on the cushion.. for a better view. I really didn't want to dirty my cushion too! Hahahaha oops.

Pros & Cons
  • Gives off a semi dewy finish
  • Pretty and clean packaging
  • Comes with SPF50 (Which is an extra protection on top of your sunscreen!)
  • Medium Pore coverage
  • Doesn't break me out
  • Slightly hydrating to the skin
  • Comes with a refill pack in the box 
  • Cover redness well
  • Lasting power up to 5 - 6 hours
  • Puff gets dirty very easily
  • Doesn't cover big  and active acne
  • Expensive for a BB Cushion
  • Doesn't cover dark blemishes very well

So here's a picture of me having my full makeup done (Include Laneige BB Cushion as the base)
 I hope my review may be helpful for you if you're looking out for Laneige BB Pore Control Cushion! It is really good! I've been a loyal fan to this BB Cushion since December 2014 ^~^ Oh yes, I am currently working on a new video so please be patient and keep a look out if you're keen!!! *Hugs*

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Hi! Would like to ask if this has caused any break-outs for you so far?

    1. Hi!

      Nope, apparently this is the first bb cushion that works well on my skin! No break-outs for me~
      But keeping the sponge clean is essential as it plays a part in breaking out at some point of time!

  2. Omg so happy to see this post! I bought Innisfree long wear cushion and it breaks me out ... Small little white heads or pumps here n there after I used a few times.. Very sad! As I really like the matte finish of innisfree. I'm looking for alternative and I might give Laneige a try! I have used western products such as MAC , NARS, Chanel , Dior foundations so far no problem . Don't know what's wrong with innisfree