29 March 2015

Sponsored post: PSLOVE Menstruheat

I can't emphasize how much I hate cramps, it hurts like crazy and I hate it!!!! It makes me feel so cranky for the entire day or even the whole week! Hence, I am very grateful towards people who can tolerate me during my menstrual periods. Finally, here comes the day I can say my nightmare is over! WHY?!?! Because PSLove sent over some Menstruheat packs for me to review! I have been waiting for this "DAY" /ahem/ to review so that I know how much it can help to overcome my monthly nightmare. 

Received the parcel with bubble wrap on!! Like I've mentioned before, BUBBLE WRAPS ARE SO IMPORTANT for fragile items and I am glad that PSLove practices this!

If you're wondering what is this? Here you go!

"It was conceptualized by the founder to fight those cramp monsters that haunt her every month. She wanted an all natural, effective and non-instrustive remedy to replace taking pink pills and thus, MenstruHeat was born."
Peckying has sent four packs over and apparently I used up one lol, I can't wait!
In the past, I've been taking pills to control my terrible cramps and it didn't really help that much.. Now that with Menstruheat, it helps me so much!!! I'm super thankful it exists!

Do you know the moment you open up the pack, the Menstruheat will start to heat up as it's exposed to the air? I don't know how this works, but it's really amazing! (ok lah, maybe I fail my science but still !!!) and you know it will take about 4-5 mins before it starts heating up. ALSO, with body temperature, it will heat up faster and higher!

I've tried this last night and I am quite amazed it gave me so much comfort throughout the night and I actually slept with it. No side effects for me at all! At least it shows that it works well for me! Hahahaha!
There're instructions for you to follow, so you don't have to worry about it!

Credit from their site!

Well, personally I can still bear with the heat. I was expecting it to be boiling water temperature since the descriptions show that it's really hot. Lol (think too much lah)

Apparently, the heat is still bearable for me so I just stick directly on my skin instead of the t-shirt I am wearing for that night! Sooooo comfy! ^~^  Now I am sure that many of the women out there need this to get rid the monthly battle against cramps! I face this situation and now I can say goodbye to pills! I HATE TAKING PILLS, but I have no other choices because I dislike that awful feeling the entire day!

Moreover, I felt that this Menstruheat pack is super handy!!! Yes I brought it out for the week and I find the need to slap it on my tummy when the problem occurs (In the toilet of course) hahahaha pssst, nobody knows whether you have that on in your tummy cause it's not that huge lah!

Last but not least... It's non-invasive and does not cause any drowsiness!
Thank you, Peckying for the love! :)
If you're keen to purchase this, feel free to quote "Shufeng10" for a 10% discount upon check out at

Big hugs to you if you encounter same issues and thanks for reading!

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