8 March 2015

Quick visuals & update!

Spent my past week running errands, it's crazy and now the super sian moment when I knew that it's Monday tomorrow! Anyway, I've been lacking energy for the past week because of flu and I hope March will be so much better for me!

So... My boyfriend finally turned 21st last Friday. It wasn't a very big celebration but just both of us, since he mentioned that he would prefer this way because he wish to spend this year birthday with me and so I agreed & booked the famous Italian cafe that everyone has been raving about lately! 

I am so glad that he loves the place, the ambience and the food! I didn't have a really good plan for his birthday due to my work and lots of tie up lately. I am very thankful that he has been so understanding. :') And soooo... I stayed up on Thursday night 5/03 to get some art and craft done so I could surprise him when he come over to spend the night with me. ^~^
 And yes... the silly boy ended up surprised me with another beautiful bouquet on his birthday! Hahaha how sweet! Thank you, b <3

 We are here for the pizza too! Heard that they are really yummy!

So here's what we ordered! We didn't order the full pasta cause we thought that the big pizza will be filling enough! And yes, it's true! I didn't finish the pizza... :(

I am really unhappy with the services over there, I understand that it's Friday so the food may arrive slightly slower. But the moment my boyfriend asked the waitress that when will my pasta be here? She literally showed up a black face, I mean helloooooo... we waited about 40 mins for it before the crowd started.. so how is it possible that my pasta would take more than 40 mins?! 

Ok, despite the waiting time... I will still go back again because of the food and a good place to chill out. :)
Finally a proper selfie with b!!!! Heheh, I wanna thank you for everything, I hope you like what I've planned and did for you on your 21st birthday though it may be something small, but I am glad to spend the night with you. #blessed

Had my nails fixed for this month on Saturday morning! Thank you, Jess, for always being the sweetest, she's so talented and meticulous! 

This month, I can hazzzzz beautiful nails again! Heehee ^~^

To end of with the most beautiful bouquet, I've received... Thank you, my love, for all your unconditional love and pampering. I am sooooo blessed and thankful for everything! I will keep on moving forward and be better for you and for myself. 
Thanks for reading! X

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