22 March 2015

A tiring week...

Time fliesssss and I can't believe March is ending a week time!!! I've been so caught up with work and I barely has the time to update this space! Now I am still wondering if I should get on Dayre (like what everyone else is doing right now lol) so I could easily document my daily life through the little mobile... hmmmmmm which is way more convenient I believe?

Oh yeah.. the past week had been quite hectic for me. A lot of ups and down but I am glad that things are cleared! I am very very blessed with so many nice people around :) Couldn't ask for more!

So here's a few photos which I've posted on my Instagram (petiteksf)
As usual, the #shufengootd shots and some random food that I've tried recently! Nothing newwww
 A random secret shot was taken by my boyfriend.... omg hahaha! Oh, yes I finally tried milk cow!!!! I AM NOT LATE OK?! But hor I LAOSAI the very next day lah, walao??? Anyway, I love the candyfloss so much like seriously I can have it all day!

 Teehee, Wednesday ootd. Shot by my dearrrr girl - Adel
Nothing new again~

Last but not least.... the recent top that I just bought it not long ago which makes me look like a butterfly the entire day. lolololol butterfly everywhere. As usual, shot taken by my very own trusty boyfriend! Thank uuuuuu my love <3

And spent my Saturday running errands with boyfriend and Sunday shooting for Anticlockwise :)
Productive weekend although I barely get a proper rest, at least I am enjoying the things I always do. 
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Thanks for reading!

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