21 February 2015

The Poodle cafe~

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you had a great time with your love ones! I've been enjoying every moment of this year CNY, it felt so good and it has been so long since all of us settled down together and had a good reunion dinner. :)  Well... not too sure if anyone knows about The Poodle Cafe beside Cat Cafe. From the start, I didn't know about this, but I just happen to chance upon some random Instagrammer and we felt that this cafe shouldn't miss!

The day after Valentine's Day, we went to The Poodle Cafe! I am glad that my boyfriend is such a pet lover since my house has a furkid... they click pretty well :)
So pinky, so girly and it's so meeeee lol lol (wait it rhymes a little)

 Greetings from the poodles!!! So cute, I just can't wait to hug them!?

Cuddles cuddles!
 Too much poodles here!! Should have bring Furby over! :(

 And so... we tried the food over there. Not that bad at all! The Ice Cream waffles can really make you full! And guess what?? I can't finish my portion... lol

 Meet the Chow Chow!!!! SO CUTEEEE!! Couldn't carry him because it was too huge and heavy for me hahahahahaha! 

 So my boyfriend and I bought a bento for the furkids, yes it was meant for them! There is a menu for the furkids!!! Super creative, we really don't mind spending money for the little ones anyway! They deserve to be loved! ^~^

  And their food is ready!!! All ran over and prepared to get fed! Please be mindful before feeding them, the food may be quite hot so sometimes they will spit out the food on your lap as it's too hot for them to handle. Yes, you'll feel how hot it is too!

B's turn! Heehee, I think it is sooooo cute to see your boy feeding the furkids or babies. :)
The funniest thing I heard from my boyfriend on that day! - "God, all of them look alike.. how do I know which one has been fed?!?" LOL I CAN'T

 The white one is super notorious and she looks so classy with her usual position! She barks every minute for food and sounds super demanding among the poodles! Hahahaha can't help it but to carry her every time just to make sure she gets fed!

Overall the cleanliness of this cafe was alright for both of us, can't expect much when there're pets around! At least they maintained it well~ We really enjoyed ourselves with the furkids over there, totally worth it! If you're a pet lover then goooooo for it! :D

Thanks for reading! 

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