1 February 2015

Sponsored Post: The Design Closets

Hello February! Alright.. If you've followed me on Instagram, I believe most of you had seen me advertise for this online store not once but a few times. I've never regret accepting this collaboration with them mainly because...? Their apparels quality brings satisfactions to me and next up their apparels always comes in unique cutting or pretty prints that makes me fall in love with it over and over again. Let's cut it shorter, I've made a blog post back then about TheDesignClosets, click HERE to find out more.

I felt really bad to drag this post for so long, it's like I am lacking behind so many collections! Since it's Chinese New Year is approaching, I foresee more pretty prints in their upcoming collections!! ^^
C175: Odessa Pleated Skirt in Russet.
I hardly own any brown skirt, this got to be my first! I felt like a school girl for a moment I put this skirt on! Except the fact that my top is not formal enough yet, lolol!

C175: Germaine blouse
This is one of the December collection and I believe it is suppose to wear it out for a cold weather!! This outfit was taken yesterday when I head out for a shoot! I just couldn't find the right time to wear it out! Hahahaha anyway I really like how it looks like a parker wear to me!! The material of it keeps me really warm especially when I go for a movie date with my boy but it is a little oversize for me so luckily there's a belt! ^^

C178: Bella Shimmering Dress
OH MY GOD, THIS GOT TO BE MY FAVOURITE DRESS OF THE MONTH OF DECEMBER! I love how it fits me soooooo well especially with such cutting at the bottom! I've worn this dress out for more than 3 times and not getting sick of it. I think it totally fits for all occasion, like out for a date, for a event, for a shoot.. AIYA FOR EVERYTHING LA, cause it's my favourite dress ma. HAHAHAHAHA

C178: Embellished High Neck Top
OOOOO this gotta to be my another favourite high neck top, (I hardly wear high neck top anyway, so this is the 3rd piece of high neck top in my wardrobe) I really like the embellished details, I think it suits my clutch!! Oh and that night my boyfriend compliments my top too! ^~^

C179: Andrea Thin Straps Halter Dress 
Another piece that I love, it looks similar to the shimmering dress I mentioned above ^ just that this is slightly simple which is perfect for work! At least not too overdress lor? I decided to go along with a pair of necklace so it wouldn't look completely boring since white is the most basic colour.

Soooo that's all on what I picked from collection 175 - 179! They've launched a few more collections lately, so check them out! I guess they are preparing for Valentine's day & Chinese New Year outfits, so if you're searching for a really good quality and affordable apparels, then I will suggest The Design Closets to you ^~^

Once again, I wanna thank Cheryl for sending over so much love, I really love working with her! She's so humble and friendly! 

Thanks for reading!

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