8 February 2015

Sponsored post - FOR BELOVED ONE

It has been so long since I did a beauty review and now I'm back again! This is a sponsored post, but everything is based on my honest opinion. I've seen many Taiwanese raving over FOR BELOVED ONE products and honestly it makes me wonder how is it possible a red wine is able to make the changes in our skin? I've tried this product almost a week from the date I received the item, so far I can feel that my skin is much more hydrated! You know what it irks me? Is that after I applied my foundation, I can spot the dry patches near my nose area and on the cheek! Which are super hideous and I am really self-conscious over this.

Just some details (credits to their Facebook page!)

"The founder of For Beloved One, Margaret Wu has been a cosmetics editor for 20 years! For Beloved One has launched exclusively at Sephora Singapore since June 30th, 2011. Sephora stores are located at ION Orchard, Great World City, Takashimaya S.C. and Marina Bay Sands."
I find it looks alike to clinical packaging, don't you think so? I really like skin care products that have clean and simple packaging!

I came across many beauty products mentioning the word "Anti-Oxidant", but I have never found out how much it will help in our skin! So upon my research and what I really understand about is that free radicals have the potential to damage your cells hence, this is why the healthy anti-oxidants is important as these are the substances that is able to protect your skin from the damage by the free radicals. 

Now I know! I am pretty excited to try out the product since it's the first time I am touching skin care products that come in jelly consistency! Anyway, I really love eating homemade jelly ok, so this got me even more excited tho it's not edible! lol. Ok, I may sound too enthusiastic about it but damn... its so cool!?
Does it look like a tomato ketchup to you? Because it does to me, lol. Anyway, as claimed on the products description that this night jelly contains premium red wine polyphenols extract that has powerful anti-oxidants which will help in repairing skin and maintains its firmness and resilience. 

The product also claims that it helps to even up skin tone and smoothes out fines lines. As seen on the photo, it is clear enough that the product is Jelly consistency, unlike usual skin care products that comes in creams or watery consistency! I think this is what makes the product really stands out itself. 

In my opinion, I felt that after applying the product on my skin.. I didn't really like the stickiness left on my skin despite the fact that it dries up few mins later. I also felt that the product is not easy to absorb due to the thickness of the jelly, but those who can wait I think this product may suit your needs and those who can't wait (which is me) I don't recommend this product to you. BUT! The benefits of this product is that it really helps to hydrate your skin overnight and keeping it supple the next day! Honestly, I don't mind using this product on alternate days since it helps to hydrate my skin quite well! 

Pros & Cons
Pros: It keeps my skin hydrated and supple, so far no irritation and pimples! Also, help to junk out nasty anti-oxidants overnight and protect the collagen in your skin. Aside from all that, the smell was pleasant enough and not too overpowering.

Cons: Not easy to absorb into my skin (which I can't wait most of the time because I'm lazy ha ha), slight stickiness left on my skin for a few mins and honestly I don't see any helps in even out skin tone! Maybe it is still too early to do a review, but when it comes to hydration.. it really helps!

 I am rating this product 4/5! If you're looking for a product that keeps your skin hydrated and supple, I would recommend this to you for hydration. :)

Just to let you know that the price of this product is $78 and only exclusively sold at Sephora!

Thanks for reading! 

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