15 February 2015

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I munched a little too much these days.. especially in the office (pretty much makes me guilty about it) Mom has warned me not to munch too much snacks since Chinese New Year is just next week! Well.. but I've learnt my lesson to hydrate myself more often. Heehee, I had lots of these delicious cups baked by Faith a few days back! So thankful for a lot of things lately. ^~^

Faith has been really generous by giving me four boxes of yummy sweet treats! They are super crunchy and moderately sweet which makes it healthy for all of us! I think having too much sweet isn't that good for health ya? Faith is really thoughtful when it comes to this~ I wish I am good at baking, well.. well.. I am still learning okay despite the fact that the cleaning part is such a chore. Hahahaha

And here are my picks! 
 Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles
I remember blogging about something similar, but Faith did it waaaaay better than me! It is not too sweet, but the taste is just right there.   

 Chocolate Cornflakes (MY FAVOURITE)
Omg, this has got to be my favourite! I love chocolates, especially melted ones! Damn.. talking about chocolate fondue.. makes me craving for one! This is really addictive???? It's like I can finished the whole box within a day. I can munch it all day in the office and at home without getting sick of it! #honest

 Strawberry Rice Krispies 
 First time trying out Rice Krispies, not that bad though! My mum likes it more than I do. Not really a fan or Rice Krispies, but at least I tried it! It tastes as good as the cornflakes, the only issue is that it is not that crunchy.

 White Chocolate Cornflakes! (MY FAVOURITE)
Yaaaas, my another favourite besides chocolate cornflakes! Recalling Secondary school days.. one of my favourite snacks~

I can't believe I had them all in my tummy within 3 days! I couldn't resist all the sweet treats and I felt that this could be a perfect gift for CNY~ Yes, we all know that pineapple tarts, love letter egg rolls and many usual CNY goodies are yummy! But cornflakes and rice Krispies aren't that bad tooooo!  So why not try something different this time round? Heehee.

Don't worry, the food are halal certified and it is able to keep up to 7 days! So it's either you gobble them up or it would be a waste ya! I don't even need to say it, you'll probably finish it as soon as you receive the cornflakes & Krispies.... I think HAHAHAHA kidding. Comes to food, I am pretty greedy. It may sound unbelievable but its trueeeee :p

Sending some love to all of you reading this... hahaha
Just to keep you updated a little bit more, they are having a giveaway on their Instagram! So hop on to their Instagram to find out more! @BakeByFaith
Whatsapp Faith @ 9828 2251 to order! CNY is just next week! I guess it is still not too late yet?
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