5 February 2015

January nails by Uniquenails

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Those who've been reading this space for quite sometime, you're probably aware of my beautiful nails that were done by Jess and those who don't, just a little bit more to freshen' up your idea about Uniquenails79! ^~^

Jess is the owner of Uniquenails and she is professional and talented at her work! I love how responsible she was and that's why I've never regret accepting this offer from her! I really like working with her a lot, she's so humble whenever I praised her new designs and not to forget about!!!  She's a beautiful mom! 

Gonna keep this blog post short, It's a little late but here's my January nails! I told Jess that I wanted something gold and black, so she came up with this design and it's reeeeaaaaaally cute! 
I really like the chain design on my thumb nails! Even my friends think that it is toooo creative! This is the truth, Jess never once disappoint me when it comes to work, I mean she put all her heart and soul into her work and that's something I respect about! Even though this is a sponsored post, but my experience with her has been really amazing, moreover I felt that home based salon don't hard sell and pricing is more reasonable. :)

I've collected all the photos that is taken by her, all the prettttyyyy nails were done by her. Too chio!
Thank you Jess for all the monthly beautiful nails, I reaaaally love it! :D

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Thanks for reading! 

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