12 February 2015

Clozette K-Party & Pink nails for CNY!

I've been so busy with work lately that I barely had the time to update my social media! So gonna keep this space update a little more on what's going on lately... (busybee)
Yummy food which tempted me so bad (but couldn't get a chance to eat 'em lol) 
So I attended Clozette K-Party last Saturday! It was nice seeing the ladies again! Catch up a little while before I rush off~

And our outfit theme for this party is kpop, I hardly own any Korean looking outfits, but I am trying to fill my wardrobe with it since I have too much flora outfits this month! I am soooo inspired by the super chio Park Sora!!! Every looks and outfits are on point lor, seriously!! 

With the girls! Heehee, first time met Jia Jia too! It was really nice to see familiar faces again :) Thank you Clozette for the invitation and goodie bag! 

So half way during the party, sad to say but I had to rush off for nails appointment! Getting ready for CNY~
 Quite shocked to see many awards put up in Jess room, in another word. I am really happy for her to be able achieved so many awards! She's so talented, she deserved it!

Spending a few hours to get my cny nails fixed, I must say that I am very impressed and please by how meticulous she is! Everything is so well done and always brings a smile to my face after I've left the place. The place is really cosy and pretty in pink too! (I had said it a million times and I am still going to repeat it lol) I'm really happy to be able to work with her despite the fact that place may not be very convenient for me, at least a pretty nails = happy me! So no complains laaaaa hahahahaha! So damn easy to be contented~
A lighter peach/pink colour for Chinese New Year! Spot something? The cutesy couple sheep!!! SO FREAKIN' CUTE! Hope I am not too late yet, do contact her for CNY slots! Chinese New Year is just next week, there is still time to get your nails fix this weekend! :)

Thanks for reading!

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