1 January 2015

Thank you 2014, I am ready for 2015.

It's amazing how much I've learned in a year, till now I am still very thankful for everything! Back then.. I had a terrible heartbreak and I was so afraid of opening up to anyone that comes in my way, I've never thought that I could overcome this anytime soon. Thankfully that I had a good bunch of friends and family throughout this tough stages and now I am still learning to be a better person, a person who is capable of handling tasks that is given, a person who is more self-motivated in everything she do and a person who stays positive. 

Throughout the whole 2014, I had a lot of struggles here and there but I still survived the year. (Peacefully or not, doesn't matter now.. it's over for good) I am glad that it build me up to be a stronger person. :') Of course... there's a lot more things I really want to thank god for and these are the things I will never take for granted (too much to list out, really).

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Blog for almost a year and I'm still going to work towards this passion, I really love to share the joy around this space.  I've learned so much along the way and I have to admit that this industry is very competitive now. I've never wish to be part of anyone's competitor. (If there's happen to be someday, which I hope not) I really hate to compete, never will. It waste so much energy here and there, if you love yourself enough.. you wouldn't do all this to hurt yourself and you wouldn't compare yourself with people better than you. All I wanted is peace and positive thoughts in this space. (of course there are days I get really upset, I do blog about it emotionally.. just can't help it sometimes lol) and I can't deny that after I started this journey, I was given a lot of opportunities to work with various brands and I am very thankful for all these opportunities! :') I believe that years down the road, there's so much more for me to learn and I will learn it steps by steps!

Like I've said, I am not going to babble so much about the past. It is time to let go of people that no longer stay in my life, honestly right now I am very happy with what I have now. I really don't ask for much, all I wanted is just a tiny request from the above. (To protect my love ones) We all know the pain of losing someone you truly love and 2014 is heartbreaking enough. Life is really fragile these days, 2014 is definitely not a great year... but with positive attitude, 2015 will definitely be better! Maybe we should all keep up with that, "Whatever is going on your mind is what you're attracting" yup, so make sure your mind is all about good thoughts! :D

Again, I can't wait to embark on the new year with my family, closest friends and my boyfriend! So time to let all of us focus on practicing things that would continue to keep us healthy and with a brand new hopes and dreams to work for! I am really very very very thankful to god for all the blessings right now and the people that make sure I stay grounded and always stay true to myself. Once again... 2015, I am ready for you. New learning journey, new work space environment and new challenges ahead. Ain't got time for all the negativity thoughts and people for now, time to attract all the positive thoughts that brings in a positive life. (Though it's never easy) Sometimes, you just got to believe on the things you work for~

Thank you for reading, sending virtual hugs all over the world and have a blessed new year!

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