31 January 2015

Sponsored Review - Le Spa

I was invited last Saturday for a real good massage at Le Spa, 14 Gemmil Lane. I knew I need one the moment I received the email! I've been working really hard lately, spending my youth away in the office. Yes, I believe y'all knew that I've graduated last year November from Kaplan! *Joys* Anyway, here is a few pictures I managed to capture at Le Spa! The lighting is quite dark from what I expected, so it's a little pity that I didn't bring my portable flashlight over. 

Nonetheless, a quite shot of how it looks like inside! 
Here is the waiting area, apparently I reached the place 15 mins earlier and I guess it's Sunday so there weren't many people in the late noon. Didn't get to wait too long! Muahaha best service award~

Also, saw this award that is a must to share to y'all! 

The pathway to heaven... LOL got that feel though, okay I AM JUST KIDDING. Anyway, I really like how the whole interior looks like, it gives off a very Chinese oriental look and cosy at the same time. It feels like a home!

 I was assigned to my room, I am really excited because never once in my life I did any massage at all. I felt that I don't really need it when I am young?? But time pass by so fast I am going to be 20 this year! Okay, la still can consider a youth hor? HAHAHAHAHA

The room is really cosy the moment I stepped in and then getting myself change for a good massage, anyway I am really shy because I need to take off my clothes but the lady told me not to because we are all ladies! HAHAHA but still... 

Ok la enough of my nonsense, I am never once serious hahaha.

After 1.5 hours of body massage session, I was served a cup of hot green tea~ which is my all time favourite drink! I felt really relaxed throughout the whole body massage that I can even fell asleep! Oh did I mention that the therapist was well-trained on their skills and services too? I am very amaze that it is not painful at all, the therapist told me that I am really petite so she didn't want to use too much strength which I think it's a must laaaa (at least for me)! I don't wanna feel discomfort or pain during the whole body massage session, so yup!!

Here's a photo before I left the place, anyway their mirror makes my legs looks really skinny!! OMG okay or maybe because I am on heels lol. In case you're wondering my pick for the massage, I decided to choose "Le Classic Swedish Retreats" as I heard that it is less painful! I really can't stand massage pain at all, call me a pussy man. HAHAHAHA also Le Spa is a 24 Hour massage place! I think this is really convenient to many people who love to hang out really late because they can head down during the midnight just for a good massage. 

They have two outlets, one is located at Gemmil Lane and the other one is located at Chun Tin road!
I've gone the one at 14 Gemmil Lane (Club street), Singapore 069253

Thank you The Influencer Network & Le Spa for the invite! I enjoyed the session a lot!

Thanks for reading! 

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