18 January 2015

Messy thoughts, why.

Hasn't been updating this space about a week, I've been busy with so many things and stressing over irrelevant things. I am so tired... so so tired! :( It feels like this whole complicated feelings will never end. I hate this feeling and I dying to get rid of it! Haaaalp... and these few days, I am so glad to have Andriel's by my side, he has been taking care of me so well and make sure I don't lose track on the things I decided to work on. Love you b <3 

I don't know why but I felt that I am a little messed up lately, with work especially. Just hope in time, I am able to learn more and adapt to the new changes. Need to go through the new stages again, but I know nothing comes easy. I just need to press on and work harder this year, I am not going to let anyone's opinion to stop what I am going to achieve this year. I shouldn't fear and nothing should hold me back. 

Life has been good to me so far and I can't complain much... I thank god for keeping me alive after all the damn struggles here and there. I've been pretty active on Instagram last week, but I promise to update this space as soon as I get my shit together ya. All I need is time to sort out my feelings, my priorities and my work schedule. To those who have emailed me for business matter... I will get back to you soon.

Someone once told me, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving"


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