24 January 2015

Clarisonicsg workshop x Stylexstyle

HELLOOOOO it has been a while since I last updated this place, ok la not so long right??? Lol anyway since I am free now... I shall blog about where I went on Thursday night. I've been invited to the clarisonic workshop by stylexstyle! Many thanks to Cynthia and Sharon! It feels really great to be able to see familiar faces again!

Here are a few pictures I've taken in the workshop, not much but at least there's still something! HAHAHA
Rach and I was the last one that came in the workshop! Just nice in time! Heh.
Anyway I've been eyeing the pink clarisonic mia2 the whole time at the workshop... It is friggin' CHIOOOOO 

HAHAHAHA ok I need to be back to the topic!
 They prepared sweet treats for us too! Really sweet! Anyway, I can have 10 of their fruit tarts and not getting sick of it. Just kidding, my skin is not very thick to take so much. HAHAHAHA
It's my first time meeting Dr Gerrad Ee, he's really friendly in person and I've learnt so much throughout the workshop! 
 They recommended and let us try a few lancome cosmetics! Beauty talks has always got to be my favourite! Sadly, I am a big fan of Korean beauty brands! My whole make up pouch filled with all the Korean beauty brands! Sooo I am getting a little away from other cosmetics brands except the brands that are from Korea! Hurhurrrr.
After the whole workshop, like what Sharon said. I've learnt a word called "光" HAHAHAHA. The make-up artist can't stop emphasizing this word. Yes I bet all of us dying to get a nice skin that glows not only inner but reflects on the outer!!! You know korean skin???? YEAH THAT

And lastly... to end off with a group shot! Thank you Sharon for this picture! 
Selfieeee! It was so good to be able to see her again! It has been so long! I've been receiving invites from the team but caught up with really tight schedule and overwhelming workload! That explains why I didn't really attend event/workshop for a period of time. By the way Sharon is really humble and inspiring as a person! Thank youuuuuu for the great invitation and great opportunity at times! *hugs*
It's 1:28AM.... SO BYE, TIME FOR BED.

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