8 January 2015

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution!

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Many of you have asked what make-up remover I am using! So time for me to reveal the secret~ I have to admit that back then I was using Biore & Bifesta makeup remover, they work pretty well for me and it is less pricey! This time I decided to switch back to Bioderma makeup remover! Recalling when I started using them, the fact that there is no such thing as reversed pump cap and I always find it annoying when I poured a little too much. Totally very wasted lor!!

Some more the cost of it seriously considered pricey as a makeup remover! (That is because back then I am still a student HAHAHA) so to me everything above $10 is expensive!! By the way, if you're wondering "got so good meh? Why so expensive?" The more you should continue to read! (Anyway this is going to be a quick review)
To be honest, I really love makeup remover that is in water-based!! It feels like I am just using plain water to clean off my makeup lol. Thank you Bioderma once again! Such a huge bottle, I believe it could last me at least 2 to 3 months ;)

Okay, let's start off with the Sensitive skin! My skin can be really sensitive towards certain products especially makeup remover or masks! I am not lying, I've tried some cheapass make-up remover and they break me out so bad!!! (actually I think I really asked for it lol, can't even stand myself) Ok, let's get back to the topic! This time, Bioderma came out with a reversed pump cap!!

Damn CoOOOl I tell yaaaa! During my first purchase, they didn't come in reversed pump cap. But this time... they do!! :D I think really so much better now with this reversed pump cap! No longer need to worry if I drop the whole bottle... tbh I can be really clumsy! (Bet my friends agree with that)

You can see I've used about 10% of it!!! This reversed pump cap is very useful because you will not waste your makeup remover anymore! Good job Bioderma! ^~^

And here is a test I did! Very amazed how it cleaned off my waterproof eyeliner! Like seriously, I can now ditch my eye makeup remover! I just need this one bottle to clean off ALL my makeup!
SEE SEE SEE!!! It works really well! Quite shocked because my previous makeup remover didn't work very well on my stubborn eyeliner at all! With Bioderma Sensibo H20 Solution, my issues are solved! #really

I've left with another bottle to go and it is meant for combination/oily skin! I believe it works well too, so far the make-up remover didn't give me any issues! Thank god! I guess it is called h2O for a reason...hahaha and in case you didn't know, it is PARABEN FREE :) The 500ml now comes in limited edition reversed pump cap and it is retailing at $42.90. I believe it could last you about 2- 3 months so why not? ;)

Thanks for reading!

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