20 December 2014

Beauty Talks: Urban Decay Vice 3

Holaaaa! Finally I am back with a really short beauty review! I am so excited to shall to y'all, I finally had my hands on Urban Decay Vice 3!!! Can't contain my excitement when I first received this as a birthday gift!!! Thank you my dear boyfriend and bestfriend... :')
Super pretty!!! I don't even know where to start!?!?!? :D Packaging is beautiful, but the only thing is that it attracts fingerprints! I will find the need to clean them off, OCD problems! Hahahaha wow, I hope I am not the only one?

So glad that this palette comes in a full size mirror! It is going to be so useful the next time I do make up tutorial. Alright, time for the swatches, the colours are highly pigmented and since there are so many shades, I've broken down into 5 groups! (easier for you)
Frankly speaking, these shades of colours didn't really amuse me (⌣́_⌣̀) the colours are slightly lighter than the rest of the shades in the palette. I suggests that these shades will be perfect for days you wish to put on light eye-shadow or even better, on days you work or attend school! Not for people that prefer heavy eye make up, on a side note.. This is only the first layer, apply second or third layer may be a need!

I absolutely like these shades! I think it's perfect for a night out~ very impressive colours after I had them on my eyes, but I'm pretty bad at pulling the colours off especially the dragon and heroine! Still learning how to apply such eye-shadow colours, so excuse me... hehehe

Love these shades of colours! Vanity and Bobby Dazzle is indeed a beautiful shimmery colour! Bobby Dazzle plays a huge row during highlighting the corner of my eyes and tears bag. :)

One of my MOST FAVOURITE shades in this palette, super girly and sweet colours. My friends are telling me that these shades of colours suits me the most! Totally in love with it, I've been using it when I head out on the weekends! ^~^

Last but not least... another shades that I am currently trying out. These shades of colours will be perfect for people who had a style like rocker chic, it gives off the smoky look! Amazing colours! As well as the colours really shine here~

Overall, I love the colours and it's cool shades! The colours did not disappoint me in any ways, it suits the mood that I am having for the day. On a side note, I don't think this palette will be up to everyone's liking. They do play a big part for days you wanna put on heavy make up or getting ready for a big party. Last of all, I've never thought of having this a gift! I already intended to splurge my money on this, but still thank you A & J... so blessed and thankful! *\^o^/*

It comes in a cover pouch too! How awesome is that!

You can get them in Sephora, there's various outlet in Singapore!

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