14 December 2014

Sponsored Post: The Design Closets

Who don't feel happy coming back home and there's a parcel waiting for you? I doubt anyone will ever feel that way because it is one of the best feelings ever. It is always nice to work with nice and professional blog shop owners and The Design Closets is one of them I am currently working with. It's truly a blessing when your wardrobe is filled with pretty apparels weekly or every 2 weeks. I am thankful to a lot of great opportunities this year! 

"The Design Closets is a Singapore online fashion store and is Established in Nov 2009, The Design Closets Brings in unique and exclusive manufactured apparel specially design by The Design Closets."

And here's a few outfits I've picked from their past few collections from C173 - C175. Which you may have seen them on my IG! By the way, this is a later post~
Velva Bodycon dress  - C173
I love this piece soo much, recalling back that marble crack designs were the trend! Really comfortable piece and I don't have to fret about what to wear with it and how to match since it's a DRESS! And it fits me perfectly (except the fact that I altered it slightly shorter) hehehehe. 

TDC Gabrielle Halter Dress - C174
Felt like a bridesmaid when I wore this dress, another comfortable piece! Comes in a few colours, I've chosen white because I personally felt that it will look extra dreamy! Also, I can put this into good use for occasions like attending weddings, white theme tea party and etc~

Antoinette Kimono Romper - C175
You know that I can never get enough of rompers, I swear by it. Especially for rompers with pretty prints! I couldn't resist them! I love rompers that come in good quality, I've ever seen rompers that comes in really CHEAP chiffon material, you can see your own lingerie under the sunlight. It's embarrassing to even wear them out. But I am glad that The Design Closets apparels quality is assuring enough that you can safely shop over there! No, doubt. 

Ossie Layer Flap Romper - C173
One of the most flattering romper in my wardrobe, its unique flap design that makes the whole romper stands out. Love it! 

TDC Garden Swirl Dress - C173
A much awkward spinning photo... forever feeling girly! I am soo in love with floral prints! Couldn't resist this piece, quality is superb! Thank you, Cheryl, for pampering my wardrobe with too many pretty pieces! Can't wait to show y'all my pick for collection C176 and C177 ;)
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