26 December 2014

Sponsored Post -Tokevibes

It's the month of the festive season and I believe everybody is sourcing ideas on gifts. Well, because I am too! Thank you Tokevibes for sending over two bangles! Just in time for the month! I always love and appreciate things that are self-customized and the item just seems to be really exclusive to me. What's more is that these stamped bangles have our name on and the date we got together~

"Tokevibes started in 2013, they have 4 Hako (Toyout post) boxes selling our glass dome items! Our bangle is made of pure aluminum thus it's rust and tarnish free! We do hand stamped necklaces and bangles!" 

Here's ours!!! The details are simple and perfect for the boys as well! I would say it's a unisex item, doesn't look girly to me lor, so if you're a guy and you're reading this. This post is for you too!
 When I first received it, it comes in a cute little box that has their shop name on the cover. ^~^
You know what I really felt after a bad experience few months back? I think it is always important to wrap the accessories with bubble wrap before you mail them out. I don't know which blog shop didn't practice this, (no offense), so now whenever I purchase accessories from any online shop, I will  double check if they do bubble wraps the items before hand. But, of course, there's a lot of blogshops already do that! Hahaha, so it's not that bad after all! Yup, Tokevibes is one of them that practice this and no doubt I can assure you that you can shop without receiving damage items from them!
 TADAAA, so freakin' pretty! 
Here's the detail at the back!!! Check out that infinity sign and roman numbers!! :D
So in love with the bangles! I've been wearing it out with my boyfriend! These bangles can be easily adjusted, which is an awesome thing and adjustable bangles make life easier for me! Need me to say more? Getting a self-customized bangle is a perfect gift not only for yourself but for your friends and family as well! You don't have to fret about this and that anymore! 

If you're still pondering over what to buy for your love ones this festive month~ These self-customized bangles can be a perfect choice! Moreover, you might not want to buy something that's not up to someone liking right? Although there's a saying goes "Got a present, mai hiam" BUT! If I got a present with my name on, I sure use la. It's like an exclusive gift to me! Why would I wanna dump away something that has my name on? I will feel so insulted by it HAHAHA and also I am glad that my name is not so common. HAHAHAHA I THINK

Meanwhile here's a photo of us wearing it~ 
Before you check out, don't forget to quote "PETITEKSF" to enjoy 5% off with one-month validity! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! May all the blessings come to you this coming year! hugs!
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