9 December 2014

Fun day on Sunday!

Quick visuals on last Sunday, last week was really crazy and it is only the first week of December! Thank god that the hectic week is over! Lots of work pending for me to clear, so thankful to have the people around me constantly showering me with so much love and supports. 2014 is coming to an end, its fast isn't it? Let's all make the last month of 2014 a memorable one, I am sure as hell that 2014 is one hella' roller coaster ride for me. Never ending ups and down emotions, memories, lesson, new experiences, new friends and many more. I am thankful for everything, be it the good or the bad as both ways allow me to learn to be a better and stronger person. 

Quick visuals... last Sunday 7 Dec @ Wimbly Lu with my boy~
 As usual, got my favourite - Ice Lemon Tea! 
The wait for the Ice cream waffle don't take more than 30 mins if I am not wrong, even if so.. worth the wait 'cause it's really yummy! Andriel and I will be coming back for second round after I recover from my cough, hehehehe see you again Wimbly Lu cafe xx

15 Jalan Riang, 358987

Next up, another cafe for dinner! Sunday trip is totally journey to the north-east side~
 Here at Lola's Cafe, so glad that it is not that crowded at all!!! 
 You shouldn't miss truffle fries during chilling weather.... right? hehehehe
His order~ while mine is Duck leg with honey mustard!!!! Damn yummy~
Photo taken by iPhone~
And this pretty sums up my Sunday, well-spent day with my boyfriend. I wouldn't trade any precious time off with the people I love. Always cherish the people around you, because life is really fragile. You never know... Thank you god for all the blessings, I am greatly blessed and loved.

5 Simon Rd, 545893

#shufengootd, full outfit sponsored by bangmeowszx and they've restocked a few pieces! Check them out~
LOL CANDID OK..... That's all for now, still waiting to recover from my cough before I start on my November favourite video! I know I am late... :(

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