28 December 2014

Sponsored post: DRx Essential Facial #3+ Consultation

Since last year, my skin had improved tremendously all thanks to The DRx Clinic and Medispa and I've been very hardworking day and night when it comes to skincare regime! For now, I only stick to their products. Like I've said, my reviews are honest and based on my own experience with them. So... 2 week back? I had the essential facial at The DRx Medispa, I've been doing Premier Acne Treatment for a period of time and decided to switch back for once. I have to admit that I had pimples popping out every after essential facial, but usually this situation is normal (at least for me) 
And here's me after essential facial... no makeup lol. Ghost gate never closes properly huh. Hahaha~ I will skip the usual routine since I've blogged about it a few times back! Click here to find out more about Essential facial! :)
On 11 Dec, I had a consultation with Dr Hui Yun. As usual, I explained to her my current skin issues and I decided to skip taking pills for now. Can't rely on pills forever whenever there's outbreak! Got to be 100% independent with their products now! :D I suppose it's a good thing??? Cause I hate taking medicine, lol! Though it's just for a month or two... 

And here's the product I've topped up and I finally had my hands on the Acne spot lotion again!! It has been so long! I swear by it that acne spot lotion works like wonder for pimples!! It dries up the pimple overnight and not to forget that Dr Hui Yun had prescribed me an X-cream for my dark circles and dark spots, I am still in the mid of reviewing the product, probably can only give the exact review after a month later if it's really working for me! 
Here's the product I've replenished and I totally forgotten to replenish my Blemish formula and Sunscreen... lol FML damn forgetful

Last of all here's all the current Derma-Rx products I am using, I've been diligently using them day and night. Honestly, my skin has been quite good so far! :) Although I still get pimples during the time of the month, it is totally unavoidable. 
Not to forget about my foaming cleanser that is in the bathroom; Once again, thank you DRx for always pampering me with the right treatments for my skin. Incredibly blessed by you all! X

Pssst.. If you wish to jump the queue, I have a special code for you to do so! Simply mention "SHUFENG" when making an appointment to have a consultation with Dr Hui Yun! Honestly, it sounds ideal right??? :D Anyway Dr Hui Yun is really friendly too!
Also, don't forget to quote "Blogger Shu Feng" for 40% off the 1st trial of Essential Facial! WHAT A GREAT DEAL TO END THE YEAR 2014... OH RIGHT.

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