17 November 2014

Quick visuals on Sunday~

Apologies for not updating for the past 1 week! I am more active on Instagram, so follow me if you haven't done so! Here you go, quick visuals on my fun Sunday! ;) Genki Sushi with boyfriend once again 
Since I reached first... might as well eat first ^o^ 
And after a quick lunch, we headed to cold stone for some sweet treats~ My favourite, it felt really good esp on rainy days~
After having Ice cream, head down to Black Hair Salon relaunch party~ Soooo happy for the team because they renovated the salon, better lighting and the people inside still stays the same! Yes, I felt really comfortable whenever I am with them~ Thank you BHS for having me, and offering such a great sponsorship I can't be anymore grateful than that. Having the professional to handle my tresses, the one behind all my colourful hair... yes you guys play a big part in my life ♥ 
 Yummy pastries baked by missgoob! ^~^
 This is not even half of the buffet.... I swear
(photo credits to Wenhui)
Wanna know who's the blackangels and November promotion? More photo will be up the next posts! ;) Meanwhile, I've been really busy with work and tons of things awaiting me to get it done.. I will try to keep this little space with more updates! Oh yes... just hit 3k followers on Instagram! Though it's just a small amount of followers as compared to the others, but I am thankful to the ones that stick through~ Thank you ♥ 

Before I end this blog post, the boy got me a melody waterbottle that I always wanted and I saw this cute alpaca pouch in Kino~ Blessed!
and a gift from BHS~ Thank youuuuu
And this baby in the house just turned 2 years old yesterday. Happy birthday cutiepie!!!!
Just one day away to my birthday!!!! WOOHOO Scorpio babies ftw

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