7 November 2014

Sponsored post: DRx Purifying Treatment #1

Enough of damaging my own scalp, get to know how important it is to keep our scalp healthy in order to achieve a better hair growth and a cleaner scalp. Gone are the days where I suffered from mild hair loss at the side of my head line and flakes that stuck deep in my scalp all thanks to The DRx Medispa! In case you're wondering what is purifying treatment all about - It is a clarifying treatment that cleanses, purifies, moisturizes and revitalizes the scalp. It will help to improve the condition of your scalp as well as health ^~^

Met Peggy for the first time, she's such a lovely lady! Like a mama to me~ 
I am totally traumatized by how horrible my scalp is! I never knew all of this actually slow down my hair growth. Peggy ensured me that my scalp will get healthier as long as I complete the purifying treatment and come back often for check-up.

Time to get started!! Here's a sneak pic of the Tricho treatment area~
 So the therapist started cleansing my scalp by exfoliating with her fingers...that explains why I've white flakes on my scalp.
Yucks... You can see some flakes & dandruff after she exfoliated...
 After washing my hair.... time for death LOL JK.

I was told that this roller is going to hurt a little and yes it did... The therapist told me to bear with it because it's going to be quite painful for first timer.
Look at my expression... that kind of pain... still want to be "glamorous" with my camera beauty mode. HAHAHAHAHAHA SRSLY 

Finally~ LIKE FINALLY WOOHOO done with the roller.
Getting my hair ready before I can leave swee swee and I SWEAR BY IT their hair curler works wonder! They sell it too! ;)
I'M DONE!! WEEEE, leaving The DRx Medispa with a clean scalp all thanks to them!! ;)
Thank you Charlene, the one behind managing the bloggers and a big thank you to The DRx group! Love all of you so much for taking care of my skin & scalp~ 

Here comes a great deal for all of you who are keen in this! 
Quote 'Blogger Shufeng $38 Purifying treatment' for 80% discount!!!! Valid till 31st November!
Great deal for great result... I must say? ;)

Next up, just a quick update on The DRx Bloggers Luncheon at Au Petit Salut, thank you for having me!!
And here's the menu of the day! Whoops whoops.
This is way too good, like honestly can I have another plate of it? LOL 
And here's maaaa fillet dory!! Woohoo, look good and TASTE SOOOOO GOOD!

Last but not least... what's a complete meal without a dessert? There's always room for dessert! #dontyousayno 
Thank you Charlene for inviting me! So blessed and thankful~

302 Orchard Road #14-02 / #16-02, Tong Building, Singapore 238862

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