24 November 2014

19th Birthday treat~

Come to think of it, time pass by way too fast and now we're so near to the end of 2014! Hopefully December will be a better month for all of us to end this year a good one. :) Well... it's sad to know that I still have to work during my birthday however I am not a princess or a queen so yeah, work is still a must! ^~^ Simple birthday this year, don't have anymore time to plan! Guess the next big plan would be 21st! So... reminisced~

18/11 - A quick dinner with my boy after work, settled down at Assembly ground since we have to catch the Hunger games Mockingjay gala premier at 8:45pm, thank you Cathay for the invitation! 
It is our first time here~ I love cafe hopping and I am glad to have a soul mate that loves it too! 
So I had the Assembly brunch~ $19.50
Quite disappointed because the food is too salty (for me)... I don't like it tho :'( quite wasted, the fact that it looks good on the surface... should have listen to my boyfriend and go for wild honey~
Our popcorn chicken, probably the yummiest~ $9
And after dinner, we head to the Hunger Games Mockingjay gala premier! Soooo good, can't wait for part 2 already!!! :D And I got the mockingjay badges too!! So cute <3 

#01-21, 2 Handy Rd, Singapore 229233

19/11 - Birthday treat from Rachel & Kelly. It has been such a long time~ and always so nice to see them! Thank you for the birthday treat at 49 seat, I AM GOING BACK AGAIN! Sooo yummy!
 And lastly... my birthday gift will be featured on November favourite video! So lazy to do up a new video and I need to kick away this bad habit... SOOOOOO Stay tune!!!!! :D 

49 Kreta Ayer Rd, 089007

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