16 October 2014

Trick Eye Museum~

Quick update on Trick Eye Museum @ RWS. Woohoo! Finally went trick eye museum few weeks back!!! Thank god that there's no queue in the morning, however we wasn't impressed by the whole trick eye thingy as what we expected... (expectation leads to disappointment, yup) BUT... we had lots of fun! Laughing at how we look really retarded in the photos and I only have light make up on that day~ 
Here's a cute kid got "locked" in the cage hahahaha
Too much distractions at the background but you surely can spot me "climbing on the ladder" 
 Love this!! Hoho, I am all ready for Christmas this year! Are you? ^~^
HAHAHAHA ACT YI GE... How does it really feel to sit on a real swan???? lmao don't even imagine, living in too much fairy tales world 
 I cannot decide if the cat cuter or my bestfriend... HAHAHAHA
 Who says I am single??? hahahahaha, honestly don't you think he resembles a lot of kpop stars??? LOL ok I need to stop
I am wishing for... the world to be peace.... hahahaaha ok looking like crap in all my TEM photos :(
Flying over to fairy god mother house, LOL.
No seriously.... I am mediating....
Until a cute angmoh came.... HAHAHAHA K I REALLY NEED TO STOP
Ok, I guess for once I don't feel petite anymore??? HAHAHA OK I BETTER STOP NOW...
Guess that's all for now, gonna thank Cathay & Nets for the free sistic vouchers! More attractions for me to visit, can't wait to bring my family and A's over!!!! 

Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa 26 Sentosa Gateway Singapore 098138
Opening hours: 10am - 9pm

Trick eye museum, click HERE