21 October 2014

Thefaceshop T.O.PGIRL 2014~

Can't explain my excitement right now because I managed to be into top 10 finalist for T.O.PGIRL 2014!!! I didn't expect anything from the start till I received a message for being shortlisted! However I guess my chances of winning may be slim in this competition, feels like a "pageant" thingy to me hahaha! Luckily it's friendly contest, hahaha ok where did my confidence go to... again. After all I am in for new experiences, new exposure and new friends!! Of course, I wish to go Korea laaaa LOLOL. This year challenge seems to be more challenging for me, they want me to pull off the "fierce and stern look" for first shoot which explains my superb straight hair and the why-are-you-not-smiling... hahahaha! But it's okay, once in a life time to try something new!

 Behind the scene~~ 
Oh yes, in case you didn't know I switched concealer again!!! Have been using their dua concealer and it's damn friggin' good like omg you need to try it ok!
 Getting ready for shoot, our make up are done by make up artist!
Can you see how thick our make up are.... yes..
 Rachel's powerful casio selfie camera that make all of us 10x flawless, hehe.
All of them are wayyyy too gorgeous!! I can't even..... T_T
Behind the scene, photo from the Faceshop admin~

If you are ready to vote for this year T.O.PGIRL 2014! Go on their page for more! Oh yes, do vote for me because I would really appreciate your kind help at the end of the day!! All you need to do is to... 
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Step 2: Like and share your favourite T.O.P GIRL 2014 Contestant
*Votes will constitute 20% of T.O.P GIRL 2014 result.

Outfit sponsored by J Runway~
If you wish to vote for me do click HERE, wish me luck hehe! *sending virtual hugs*

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