15 October 2014

The little things matters the most

“When you become grateful for small pleasures, your outlook changes and opportunities seems to open up everywhere in life”
Time flies, next month I'm turning 19 officially. This year was a challenging one, there's a lot of things I am extremely grateful for. This blog entry is me, expressing all my sincere gratitude to the people who were there for me throughout all the good and bad times, it's amazing how I pull through those days, weeks and months. Recalling how I battled with bad hormonal acne, time against tons of assignments given in school, major exams, limited time between family, friends and blogging. This year I am really grateful for all the great opportunities that was given by various companies, not only it helps in my blogging career... It allows me to see the industry better and how it all really works. Months goes by and I grew along the way, I started earning extra income by blogging. It's a small achievement to be able to have that extra money to spend on shopping through blogging. (Which instantly lowered my shopping budget back then as a full-time student) I am still a full-time student (jobless) when I started blogging and studies was my priority, I don’t have a proper job back then. My parents was the one that took care of me all the way till I got a proper job. And I am glad that I no longer have to depend on my parents for my own expenses/bills because I had a stable job and thankful for the positions that boss had offered! I guess that's just the first steps of growing up, spending the money you earned it yourself through all the hardwork. I had stop relying taking pockets money from my parents and I am glad that my dad sent me to private school after some bad incidents in school when I was 17-18? All I just want to say is.... "The next time you wanna pick a fight with people that did nothing to you, pick on someone else your size and level or else be nice and care about your own shits, there’s a difference between being brave and going around looking for troubles”

Back to the topic! I am grateful for people that still sticks around and motivates me to be better and always stay humble for the achievement I made so far. 2014 involved too much excitement/sadness/fear and courage. I took out that amount of courage to join the first blogging contests and I am still shocked by the first achievement I have made this year through blogging. I never knew I would be able to get through it, I never knew that being a poster girl came true at the age of 19. It was a challenging one for me, that contests held somewhere near my exam period but it didn't stop me from going for it, I admit that I had a hard time handling between the challenges & studies and I am glad that it did not affect my exam grades at all! There's one thing I learned for sure, stay persistence and have faith in the things that I am intending to achieve before the year end. Yup #lifegoals for every year and I wish to be able to fulfil half of it, it's like a sense of achievement once you see the results and got to know that your efforts paid off at the end of the day. You have no regrets in any other way, fail or not at least you tried

I am still young and there's a lot of things I need to learn/explore and achieve, I rather live my life with no regrets because chances don't come by often, you see it and go for it… I just want to say that I am really contented with whatever I have in my life, it is always the small things that matter the most and here I am still learning to be better not for anyone else but for myself. Thank you… to the ones who stayed throughout, you're the reason who I really am today and how far I have come because of you. Nope, I am not someone up there but I just want to thank you guys for the little things and supports all this while. That includes my family, my friends and my readers) I truly appreciates it and really grateful that god gave me a bunch of helping hands and guardian angels along the way. 

"Be your own kind of beautiful"
And to the ones that have been comparing yourself with someone else better, don't. You are you and there will be people going to like you for who you are and in life you can't expect everyone to like/love you for who you are too. There will be people going to dislike you for no reasons, spreading bunch of negative things just to bring you down and this are the people that should not stop you from doing the things you love and you wish to achieve. Life is not about pleasing everyone and living towards someone else expectations of you. There will always be someone better than you in many ways and the last thing you should NEVER do to make yourself feel miserable and useless... (Comparing yourself with another person) You're unique in your own way, you want something? Fight for it as long as not at the expense of others. Stop dreaming, start working! Life is great if you do well, be good and spread good vibes to the people around you! As long as you’re happy, nothing really matters and let no one's opinion about you affects you. End of the day, karma works like magic so always think twice before you do/say something to hurt someone, a tongue has no bones but it can break a heart. The world is round... what goes around comes around, remember that.

To sum up this whole blog entry, just my gratitude towards every little things and every one in my life. *HUGS*  
Here comes a hectic week! Something is going on right now after my casting on last Saturday and I can't wait to share with all of you soon, can't be anymore thankful for the great opportunities!!!!! ^~^
Thank you soooo much for reading such a lengthy posts! ♥ Time to get on the bed~ *yawns*