10 October 2014

Hashtag #SGISFUN for awesome passes!

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There’s a lot of saying that Singaporeans are boring, most of us work our ass off every single day. I can’t deny that I am one of them. In many people perception of Singapore is boring… no? Let’s make a difference in our life today! #SGISFUN~ fill your life with some fun over the weekend, no energy or are you lazy? Well, time to get some fun over the weekend at Cathay! You can shop, eat and play until you drop! It is always lovely to spend time with your friends! Capture all the good moments and hashtag #SGisFUN! The reason why you should hashtag it is because you get to win awesome passes!!!

From the month of October, Cathay will be giving out RWS Halloween Horror Nights 4 tickets from now till 19 Oct!!!! All you need to do is to take photo of your scariest face in any of these locations – The Cathay, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, E2Max, hangout@mt.emily, The Cathay Restaurant and Cathay Cineplexes. How awesome and effortless is that just to win such awesome tix?! Next up, more give away for you! From 20 Oct till 31 Oct, they are giving out 1 night stay in Rendezvous Hotel Singapore. You are required to take 15 seconds video mimicking Ellen’s Dance Dare (dancing behind strangers’ backs without getting noticed). HAHAHAHA I can never imagine that?! 

And lastly November special~ From 1 Nov onwards, they are giving out Cathay Cineplexes movie passes. Take a fun photo in any of Cathay business units as mentioned earlier on! Round up all your friends too to push the Fun-O-meter up to where it belongs! Head over to #SGisFUN microsite – and that’s where you can see all the #SGisFUN hashtags coming!

Wanna win the give-away? All you need to do is to post on your social media platforms and hashtag it, remember *simply show them that you are having fun in any of the Cathay Business units (Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, The Cathay, E2Max (MY FAVOURITE), Hangout Hotels, The Cathay Restaurant and Cathay Cineplexes!) by taking a photo and upload to Instagram! Lastly HASHTAG #SGisFUNIT’S EASY ISN’T IT?! Encourage your friends/family to do it with you! Bond sometime over the weekend and don’t get wasted like that! Let’s prove to others that we are not that boring just because we are a hardcore workaholic people in our country! #SGisFUN

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