26 October 2014

Beautifully painted seaside nails.

Again, need no introduction about my nail sponsor as I believe most of y'all have read the same procedure all over again! Just going to have a quick update on it~ Click here to read all the past posts I have done for Jess the owner of uniquenails! Like I've mentioned about every nail art she did, Jess puts in lots of effort and patience to paint them. My friends and family were telling me how talented she is, to be able to paint all my nails beautifully. From the day I started accepting this offer, I know my nails will be in good hands. ^o^
Chose the theme of my nails this month - Seaside/Pastel blue, I mentioned on my Instagram about getting crazy over blue lately, no idea why but naturally find them attractive to me now... like how I went crazy over pink/turquoise colour??? Hahahaha!
Tadaaa, here's the final look of my nails featuring my favourite glitter blue cover of the month 
Perfect match ✓ Favourite colour of the month ✓ Perfect seaside nail art ✓ Beautifully painted 
Thank you, Jess, I am in love with my nails~

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  • 729 woodlands circle
  • Singapore, Singapore 730729

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