31 October 2014

Acca Kappa rose bath & shower gel

Finally, October is coming to an end! Hope November will be good~ Received this Acca Kappa Virginia Rose shower gel, thank you, Wendy, for sending some love over! Not only the packaging is pretty in pink, I believe this whole bottle gonna last me for more than 1.5 months since it comes in a watery consistency that is able to form a bubble foam. With just two to three drops, it is enough for my body! The scent is really good! Previously they sent over lavender, sadly my skin is really sensitive towards lavender hence, they were really nice to sent another big bottle of Virginia rose over. 
Thank you for the pretty packaging in a cute basket! ^~^
You can see that this shower gel is soo different from the others! It is watery consistency, in fact, a few drops is really enough for the whole body! (At least for me.... hahaha) Between, the smell of the rose was overpowering! 
Not only it comes in a pretty pink packaging, this shower gel gently cleanses the skin and leaving it soft and silky! Don't forget. it's paraben free ^~^ from what I have known about this product, the active ingredients of rosa canina, ginkgo Biloba and ginseng extracts will help with a significant toning and softening effect. All the formulation inside helps to remove dead skin cells without damaging the epidermis! I can now smell like a ROSE in the morning and when I'm on the bed!! Thank you, Wendy, for sending this over, love the scent and the texture!

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