25 September 2014

Uniquenails #6 / Regina Beauty Eyelashes touch up #2

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Guess you already got familiar with the usual nails posting already! I don’t have to go one big round for it but if you’re a new reader here… do click here for all the past post I did for my nail sponsor~ So Jess called me back for an appointment and I nearly forgot about getting my nails fix!!! So busy lately, I don’t even have time for myself to fix my bad complexion and nails…. So glad that I got it all done 1 week back! Feeling vain as ever~ #whatsnew

Gonna be a short and sweet entry! Rushing for my assignment as well (so near to dateline T_T) 
Knowing that my nails will always be in good hands, makes me look forward to every appointment and Jess is being such a sweetheart to me!! She got me a nice bracelet from bkk! Even in overseas, she thinks of me…. HAHAHAHAHAHA #thatbueyhiaobaimoment but anyway she's a really sweet mom, besides being a mom of two.. she takes her work seriously and deal it in a very professional manner. You’ll never leave her place unsatisfied unless your expectation is too high la LOLOL otherwise most of the time it shouldn't be a problem! :)

This month got a little more girly, chose flora x polka dot nails design! Thank you, Jess, for being soo professional in your work as well as the pretty bracelet from bkk! Have been wearing it for days!! :)

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Had my lashes touch up 2 weeks back at Regina Beauty! Read my first trip here and more details on the first post! Looking forward to the next appointment on underarm hair removal with Regina Beauty~~ 
hehe apparently it only last me 3 weeks before it completely dropped off.... :( Have to depend on fake falsies and good mascara again!

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