6 September 2014

Sunday Folks / Ponypockets

Have been craving for Ice Cream Waffle for the longest time and finally the much-raved Ice Cream Waffles at Sunday Folks! *FINALLY GET TO TRIED THEM OUT*

As expected on Sunday, the queue is crazy! 

 So happy!!! Managed to get a seat for two again! Our luck again huh :D

Sparkling White Grapefruit 

And my love for Ice Mocha will never die~
Ice Mocha

Summer Strawberries Waffles

I ordered this because I miss having strawberry waffle!!! Loving the soft served ice cream on top of the yummy waffle, SERIOUSLY THIS IS REALLY REALLY YUMMY AND I AM GOING FOR SECOND ROUND. NOT KIDDING!

Earl Grey Lavender

Tried Best friend Earl Grey Lavender, she actually like it but not for me as the lavender taste is tooooo strong for my liking :/ But I highly recommend the ice cream waffle still ^^

 Ignoring me throughout, texting her bb :(

It is really fulfilling and we can't even finish last piece of the waffle! Not too sure if they allow reservation on weekends? I would advice you to book a table with them to avoid disappointment! Yes, it is that popular and delicious! I swear by it.... I can't wait for second round again! I also love how Sunday Folks comes at NETT prices.

#01-52, Chip Bee Gardens, 44 Jalan Merah Saga

Next up, #shufengootd on last Sunday~

and on Monday, decked in Ponypockets Kristal Dress! I love how it really fits me well, the length of the dress is good too! Thank god that Ponypockets clothing come in XS!!! They spare a thought for girls who are petite too! Thank you, Elizabeth, for sending some love over~
 Candid shot and I find it not that bad HAHAHAHAHAHA

 That's all for this entry! 

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