4 September 2014


Last Saturday, I had flea with Cassandra and Ben! I swear the crowd is crazy!! Our clothes were all over the place that we decided to give up putting them nicely!! I am glad that we cleared 80% of our clothes away!!! THANK YOU ALL :D Anyway it is going be a very SHORT update.

 Ridiculously cheap clothes..... 

 Roaming around awhile and saw another side of it... this is crazy?! $1 for each piece of clothes? You don't really see it nowadays but then I don't think it would be very nice la :x

 Snacks counter just right infront of our booth..... hahahaha so tempted!!!

Just threw everything on the luggage and the customers will ransacked them.... 

Excuse my black armpit.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeap and selfie with Cassandra before we call it off a day! Last Saturday was so-so... nothing exciting to blog about!! Can't wait to blog about my last Sunday cafe hopping with Bestfriend!!! 

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