14 September 2014

Clozette Ambassadors Tea Party @ MU Parlour

A really short update on Clozette ambassadors tea party!! I am glad to be one of their Clozette Ambassador this year! Like I've mentioned that I love meeting new people though I can be quite socially awkward at times! So... I am really late for the tea party last Saturday. When I reached there, not much food left but it's okay!!! Bonding with the them is what really matters to me!

 WenHui's look extremely happy here hahahaha! (preparing for video, fyi)

Took very little photos on that day! So don't mind me! :p
And pictures with the gorgeous ladies I've met in Vanitytrove event!

Group photos! credit to Clozette, not too sure why the quality is like that :(

For more photos please go on:
Clozette launched their new Ambassadors badges for us to put on our blog! Seen it and so pretty in hotpink, will only put it up after my new blog layout is ready! I love how the whole layout really sums up my blogging style and interests, thanks to Carol!

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Apologies for limited photos!! Hope your Sunday is good! Have a great week ahead~

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