2 September 2014

Sponsored post: Bio-essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping

Lately, my skin has been such a problematic! No, it is not acne but flaky & dry skin around my nose and eyes area. In the past, I don’t have to worry about such issues as I knew that I have oily skin. But recently my skin started having issues with annoying dry patches on my skin. It frustrates me a lot when I apply my foundation! But gone are the days when I first tried out bio essence aqua droplet sleeping mask! I did mention that I had one hydrating sleeping mask, but it was from Laneige! It works really well for me and this time I decided to switch for a short while and see which one really works better! Thank you Bio essence for sending some love over again!

This sleeping mask contains bio aqua crystals and it is 3X hydration! For your information, Bio Essence Aqua droplet sleeping mask replenishes moisture level, nourishes and repair your skin while you sleep.

This product is enriched with 3 things
Power Nano Hyaluronic Acid, it helps to absorb quickly and easily into the skin and making skin instantly hydrated and moisturized

Hyaluronic Acid that forms a large water-locked network to effectively lock in moisture, keeping the skin moist and soft.

Lastly natural ingredient is the key to beautiful skin! There’s cranberry extract and it works as a great moisturizer and aids in moisture retention, improving skin elasticity and suppleness.

Directions to follow
Step 1: Massage gently till aqua droplets form
Step 2: Gently pat till fully absorbed into skin.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer over skin as a daily moisturiser. For more intensive treatment, apply a thicker layer to replenish skin's moisture throughout the night as a sleeping mask.

Now let’s see how amazing this product is! In 3 seconds, you can see aqua droplets forming

Final verdict: It works just nice for me but I would still prefer Laneige hydrating sleeping mask as I prefer their texture on my skin. I don't apply hydrating sleeping mask daily only certain days where my skin feels EXTREMELY DRY. Otherwise, I will still put this into good use if I ran out my Laneige hydrating sleeping mask one fine day. Did not break me out and nice consistency, but I don't like the strong fragrance on my skin. Hydrating level - 8/10

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