12 September 2014

Sponsored post: Allure Beauty #2

Had eyebrow embroidery touch up 1 week ago, this time I don't feel nervous at all as I have experienced it! Read here for part 1 and get a better understanding about Allure Beauty. As usual, the brow expert will do what's best for me and I know that my brows are in good hands, I no longer have to worry anymore! *Unless they disappoint me this time* 

This time I went to the outlet at Farrer Park (City Square Mall) Super convenient for me~
This sofa is dam ROYAL feel~

Their consultation room!

As usual, get my brows shape nicely before the brow expert can start on other procedures.

Just a bit more before we get started~

Like I've mentioned earlier on, the pain is totally bearable despite the fact that there's numbing cream unless it wears off then you gotta tell the brow expert about it! Honestly, I was so tired from work and literally fell asleep during the whole procedure. This really tells so much about the comforts in Allure Beauty!

LOL Excuse for that messy hair... *just woke up* hahahahaha LOL and the brow expert had last touch up before I can go! :D

Zoom in my brows for y'all~  HAHAHA

Thank you Allure Beauty for your invitation! I am still in love with my brows, gone are the days where I have to wake up extra 5 mins early to get my screwed brows done! ^^

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and here's something for my readers before I sign off!!
Quote, "SHUFENG" to redeem $100 off on Allure beauty Signature Eyebrow Embroidery! *It will only valid till 12th October 2014!

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