17 August 2014

Uniquenails - Part 5

Back to monthly nails affair (read the past entry) and I guess I don't have to do much introduction if you've been reading my blog. I was really lucky back then that Jess approached me and till now I am still loving all the nails she did for me, I did mentioned that she is very patience and careful about her artwork.

She make sure that you're satisfied with your nails before you leave, I like it how she constantly came up with more ideas for nails. Nothing is stopping her from creating new designs and cater to individual's need! That's why I really look up to her, as a professional manicurist and a mother of 2 kids!

As usual, same removing style~ Polished off the old gelish nail..

Soak it with a cotton pad and aluminium foil for easier removal

Trim my nails shorter and evenly~
Plucking off dead skin around the nails~~ 

And time to get the base on!

 You can see that everything is beautifully hand-drawn by Jess (WITH LOTS OF PATIENCE)

And finally, last step to go!!! 
I love it!! Simple yet so chio okay?!?!? LOL

And guess what?? Uniquenails is having promotion for selected nail art! For more info, please contact Jess at 85181646!!! $60 only leh, (excluding appointment lah)

  • Location
  • 729 woodlands circle
  • Singapore, Singapore 730729
Don't hesitate to book your slot with Jess! Time to pamper your nails!


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