7 August 2014

Regina Beauty (Eyelash extension)

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"Regina is a hair removal salon specializing in Krypton Pulsed(KPL) Light hair removal treatments. We are committed to providing safe, hygienic, effective and long-lasting results at affordable prices."

With no hidden charges such as admission fees or membership fees and well-trained therapists that had been trained by professional beauty trainers in Japan and no solicitation which really assured me that I can accept the opportunity to work with Regina beauty without hesitating because first of all, I hardly doubt Japan products/services because most of their services/products are in a tiptop condition! So here am I at Regina Beauty to get really long and natural eyelash extension!

The moment I stepped in, I was greeted by the therapist there and honestly it is important to always make your customers feel important and safe in the salon, well I guess that's the most basic thing and I believe that working in a Japan company, they will place basic respect & good customer service as their priority. I mean, every company wish to make good sales but without good customer service/basic respect, where do you get the sales from right?

Before entering the room, the therapist will brief me what's gonna happen later and what I should do, and make sure that during the whole procedure I will be safe and how does the eyelash extension works and just to cater to my needs. 

Let's get started!

Step into the room and everything was placed nicely and neat, good hygiene!

My lashes are really short like if you have watched my make up tutorial (link), my lashes from the start are not obvious however the therapist said my lashes are considered long but little which also nice to hear lah... 

Apparently, the lights look really bright here but it didn't disturb me from my 45mins nap... HAHAHA or maybe I love the feeling when someone play with my eyelashes? The whole procedure is not painful at all which explains why I can easily fell asleep. I enjoyed the whole procedure and the therapist reassured me that it is not going to be painful except the part where the glue accidentally stick on to my lower lashes that she got no choice but to separate them and I will have to bear with that few seconds of pain!

Approx 1.5 hr?

Here's the final result!!! I LOVE IT, it's like she tried her best to cater to my desire lashes. It looks natural to me, like you know I don't want it to be like thick and it looks heavy on my eyes??? and now that I don't have to put eyeliner that often thanks to the lashes (make me look less tired in the morning)
This picture was taken from my iphone5s so the quality will be different and yeah you can see it is natural right?

I am in love~~~ I just hope that I will be extra careful this time because honestly it's only 3 days away from doing my lashes and I had a hard time taking care of it, it does get a little irritating because I can't be that violent when washing my face lol... so everything has to be done at a slow pace just to make sure my lashes will last longer.

*by the way, I can't take many pictures that day is because I am not allowed to open my eyes during the whole procedure and another therapist attending another customer at the meantime so yeah she won't be able to help me out*

To finally explain the whole procedure, they're actually sticking it on my real lashes one by one, they will go according to the amount of real lashes I had so that it won't look so fake.

Thank you, Regina Beauty for having me! Quite excited to try their Hair removal for bikini line after the second round of touch up for my lashes. 
*All my reviews are honest and based on my own experience with them!

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Pretty excited to blog my next Treatment with Regina Beauty! 

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