19 August 2014


It's beeeeeen such a long time, back with another Ponypockets post! Click here to read the past entries about them! Glad to work with Elizabeth & the team again for this entry! Let's not get anymore draggy like I said before... Ponypockets clothing quality is superb and never fails to put a smile on my face when I received the parcel! Can't wait to show you the second dress I chose, which will include in another post (short post)

Last Saturday, decked in their Aleaya Dress which is already too popular and sold out for now! Not too sure if they are doing backorder, can consider emailing them for enquiries! And... I conquered the huge sun just to take with a beautiful backdrop... hahaha eyes closing man

This toga dress is printed with soft blend of pastel colour! Remember pastel colour clothing were in trend for a period of time? With the help of the soft colour, it can totally go along with any accessories! Fret not! And in case you didn't know about this dress, it comes in two functional side pockets! Just nice for the ladies who need pretty dresses that comes with side pockets! The dress material is 100% Polyester and super comfy~

Before I end this blog post...
Enter their #ponypockets #ootd contest! All you got to do is to....
Winner will be informed via email and contest ends on 21/08/14 12pm!

Instagram page: ponypockets

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