5 August 2014

Not everyone is your friend.

In life, we came across friends that are extremely pretentious towards you. I mean we all can feel it right? Or maybe not? Don't you hate it when someone lied to you over and over again, and the first few time you just have close your eyes because you don't wanna make a big fuss over such issues? Why do people only care when they're guilty? Why do people care only when everything is too late? Why do people act like they like you when deep down they are not? I mean just WHY.

I CANNOT EMPHASIZED how much I hate people who can't stop lying to me especially when I trusted you or even I knew the truth behind everything, I mean c'mon? Do you have to do that just to cover up your good side when I've found out everything? I have to admit, I am NOT an Angel, I make mistakes but I truly learn from it instead of avoiding it. I chose to close one eye not because I can easily be cheated on, everyone have feelings and emotions are something that we can't avoid despite the fact that we CAN control sometime.

I've came to the extend to stop caring for such pretentious people and stay out away from them so that my life would be better. It is so disgusting how can anyone be all caring towards you but at the back, stabbed you hard and pretend that it's fine to "care" for you again. It's like I stab you in the back with a knife and saying sorry when you're dead, does that makes more sense to you? Is that going to make you alive or put your trust on me again? In life, not all friendship worth the keep or worth the fight. I've learnt that open your eyes and listen to your heart "keep the genuine ones close to you, you don't need a circle of friends but a few ones will do". Wondering what has the society become? Being all pretentious and fake give you an award? Enlighten me man, this post definitely directed to someone I've tolerated for long and I don't want to ever touch on this damn topic ever again. If you felt guilty about it or you think the shoes fit, then feel free to wear it.

This is such a mental torture everyday, I've been so tired and putting up such a strong front and just because such small issues you acted that way and decided to avoid. Well... maybe you HAVE your own reason to be that way, maybe I got really overboard but honestly I just hate it when people can't stop lying, if you can't DO it then don't force yourself. I cannot deny that I doubted you for the longest time but I still felt stupid that I chose to listen to you most of the time, pour everything out to you when I am really upset but I realized I got to put to a stop because I find it even harder to trust you nowadays because of your never ending lies. However, I have to admit I am sincerely touched by the times when you gave me advice and tried to pull me out when I am extremely down and help me through my hard times but I really cannot accept the fact that when it comes to _______ you just have to lie? You mean, that's what friendship for? That kind of value you left for a friendship? Sometimes, I just have to fight for my own rights not because I don't cherish it but because I trusted whatever you've said and non of the things was real and I am absolutely tired of what you expected from me secretly and what you want me to be. Instead of being encouraging for the achievement I got, you tried to pull me down by saying things in a "funny way" I may not be the top but definitely I will not try too hard to be one so screw you and screw such pathetic friendship that has ZERO mutual trust and high expectation.

"That's what gonna happens, you let people in and they destroy you"
I will only work hard to my OWN goals and not your expectation on what you think its best for me, once is enough. Stop comparing me with someone else, I am who I AM. You get that?

Ok... I've chill the fuck down. I will be back with a new post soon......

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