15 August 2014

My skincare journey with DRx (Premier Acne Treatment #2)

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Back to my favourite place to get my face pampered! Went to The DRx Medispa for the second round of Premium Acne Treatment, you can read my first round here! A really quick post for this!! For better details please refer to my first PAT post J
It was an impromptu appointment in that week and glad that Charlene managed to get me a slot for the treatment which I really need it as I felt that my skin quite bad lately (especially forehead.. clogged pores issues again)

SO HERE I AMMMMMM at The DRx Medispa~~
-Here's after removing my make up with milk cleanser and facial foam-
You can see my forehead is clogged again tiny weeny ones, like really tiny!! (but not as bad as compared to last time) *ZOOM IN if you wish lol*

-After the extractions-
The areas that have been extracted got a little red... can you see? hahaha
and a number of clogged pores...... yuckkkkky yucks

-Time to zap away all the bacteria-
 I REALLY LOVE PREMIUM ACNE TREATMENT because I can see the improvement in my skin especially when it is not as oily as before!!!! I can't deny that it dries up my skin first few days after the treatment (and it really hurts), but it is so good afterwards! I just need to apply a little bit of Derma-Rx hydrator on the dry area for the first few days from PAT and avoid too much sun exposure. This treatment is really good for acne prone skin! Tried and tested!! *tick*

-Time to chill and mask-
LOL, I know... look scary hehehehe
By the way, the mask is soooo good!! The masks help to hydrate my skin and calm the redness down after the whole treatment! Again to summarize the whole treament~

Sonic Cleansing > Extraction > Isolaz > Peel Mask 
The treatment last about 1hr 30min and cost at $220 + 7% GST
 Quote “Blogger Shufeng Premium Acne Treatment” for 40% off the retail price of $220 and there will even be special price for students (21 and below) at ONLY $120 if you purchase a package of 5 sessions at $600!!!! All prices before GST and 1st trial of PAT only!

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