25 August 2014

Flock Cafe~

My weekend just got even more exciting! Exploring new cafe with Adele, it has been such a long time since I last saw her! Decided to try out Flock cafe~

 -The not so glamorous cake shot hehe-

 Scrambled eggs & Croissant w/ Smoked Salmon 

I swear this was daaaaa BOMB! Mad delicious and I love the combination of the taste with eggs, salmon and cherry tomatoes!!!! I didn't wait for very long like honestly, fast and good services I must say! It was totally a right decision to traveled all the way to east just for this!!! 

Eggs Sally

I MEAN DAMN IT, MAN! Just take a look at the poached eggs.... so purrfect! Dayum! Honestly to feel regret or not by blogging about good food at this hour... (time check 11.20pm) Then again, sharing is caring! What we ordered in Flock Cafe was really succulent and perfectly seasoned!


Surprisingly this Cafe Mocha didn't disappoint me! I wanted to order Ice Mocha but I was too enthu.... for the food hahaha that I really slipped out about the "Ice" when I ordered Mocha but its ok!!! Since hot Mocha already taste that good, whats more about cold Mocha right!!! LOL hahaha ok wait.. am I making some sense here?? Erm ok... but I personally felt that cold drinks taste much better like even cold mineral water. HAHAHA am I weird or 

And here's behind the scene of Adele, trying to master and finding the perfect brunch shot. Lol!
Will I still go again? Yes definitely! It can be quite crowded on a weekend, but we were lucky enough to get a seat for two immediately!


And to end off, here's my ootd for Saturday brunch date with Adele.
Loving the slit cut floral skirt that I bought few weeks back~ It is really long but thank god the size fits just nice! 

The length is really long, but with a belt.... hehe anything is possible! Also decided to match with a ruffled tube top from Pull and Bear~  I wanted my whole outfit for Saturday brunch date to look really sweet and that explains why besides my skirt, the rest of the details are in white ;)

And a few ootd shots in square~
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That's all for now~

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