10 August 2014

A quick update (day out with Bestfriend)

Day out with my Bestfriend after sooooo long!!! We didn't have a proper day out for soooo long?!?! It feels good when we finally squeezed out some time for each other today! Yes blogging it fast~

Settled down quickly at soup spoon, it was really impromptu decision as both of us were hungry and thirsty. Since it's Sunday, everywhere is packed and luckily we got ourselves a seat for two in Soup spoon!


And our food came!! WEEEEE
It doesn't look full to you but it is VERY VERY FULLLLLL. 

Catch up a lot of things and realized most of the things we talked about is work.... hahaha we're living in such a pathetic life, no fun.....

Found a perfect backdrop for ootd so we did a massive spam of ootd and filter out which is the best! So to sum up today, walking around aimlessly, chat about the shittest thing that cracked us up so bad in the public and shame ourselves but #notgivingafuck hahahahaha. A day out with Bestfriend will never get bored! Having her in my life is a blessing and that's why I cherished the little things she does for me.


And guess what!! I finally bought myself a new lens for my camera! Its only the second day of using it, so happy! Can't wait to lay my hands on Wifi SD Card so I can upload photos on the go! Putting my 45mm lens into good use (especially on ootd) Bringing it out to play during the weekend! Can foresee higher & clearer quality ootd~ 
Alright, ending my quick update here! Busy week ahead, not too sure If I will neglect this space a week! If so, I will be back soon! More active on Instagram - Petiteksf

and have you watch my summer look make up tutorial?? I have shifted to new channel so pleaseeee support!

and being all fickle minded if I should change my hair colour!! Let me know pls??

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