13 July 2014

Uniquenails79 - Part 4

If you've been reading my blog, I guess I don't have to do much introduction about Uniquenails79! There you go, my nails are always in good hands when it comes to manicure, which I definitely don't have to worry about. Yes, I did my nails today and being sooooo efficient to blog about it right after I got home but that's because have nothing on at night (one of the rare days.. LOL) and I shall not waste any more time to put up this blog post too!

As usual, she did what is needed ~~

 By the way, I did not bring my camera out so the image quality may be very different sooo... I just do what is needed again with my Iphone5s.... *forgive me*

The most exciting part!!!!! Can't wait for the outcome and I am sooo glad that Jess is sooooo patience. Honestly today nails session was the longest so far, I guess about 2.5 hrs? But that's because she is very careful with her work and make sure I am satisfied with the end result!!


Posted this on Instagram, too cute not to post PLEASE!! Everything is hand-drawn by her, I am not even kidding and that explains why today nails session took almost 2.5hrs!!! I was really tired from morning shoot, the nails session was too shiok.... that I really can K.O halfway doing!!?! 

Yes, it was a short one because you can read everything from HERE again!
Same front procedure but different design! Totally fell in love with my cute nails right now! Please follow her on Instagram (uniquenails79) because she do awesome nails art and provide the best service! (For what I've experienced and being honest about it)

To make appointment, whatsapp/sms: 8518 1646
For more information, check out their website:

  • Location
  • 729 woodlands circle
  • Singapore, Singapore 730729
Don't hesitate to book your slot with Jess! Time to pamper your nails!

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