28 July 2014

Thank you for the good 11 years of friendship & still counting

Till today, I am still extremely thankful for her for staying in my life for the good 11 years and still counting, someone that I can count on, rant to and cry on.... yes this blog post is dedicated for my Best friend and a quick summarized on what happened on Saturday! Felt like a total cheater hahahaha because I lied to my bestfriend that I was sick hence I couldn't make it to her birthday party

Pictures are taken from my phone (low quality) 

Arrived at Studio M Hotel, and the first thing I do is to.... BAM ON THE BED HAHAHA that explains why I am taking a picture of the bunch of people below. Yeah #justchillin'

Pretty Helium balloons that Weini had prepared for her

 Being really obsessed with the helium balloons!!! 

And time for some selfie!!!

So somewhere near the bed... had such a good lighting that calls for a massive spam of selfies!

 Aiyo dear, why you sit until like that???? HAHAHAHAHA still love you ok!

Honestly.... it sucks when you had red flush after heavy alcohol intake LOL bad health

That 4am bed selfie after I woke up from massive intake of alcohol HAHHAAHAHA....

Last of all, Happy birthday my dear girl!

I truly hope you enjoyed yourself during the party and you've been an angel in my life, I cannot imagine days without your existence (its mushy but clear throat first lol) I am really glad that we have came to this far and still counting, I am truly blessed to have you in life. Thank you for always being there for me when I need you, through phone, through texts or even when I need your presence right away so I could feel even better and safer. At the end of the day you're the one friend that I can really rely on and still won't give up on me despite all the nonsense I've been giving, thank you for being so sweet like a candy to me for the past 11 years and I am really really thankful beyond words! I've came to this far partly because of you, always motivate me to work towards my dreams and never failed to help me out with advertorials when I needed. Without you, I won't be who I am today. I am proud to have you and I am proud to let everyone know that you're my bestfriend!

Reminiscing those good old times~
Missing those times when we save money just for our neoprints, when you copied my spelling test (which I used to hate you VERY much HAHA), when we vandalized the playground nearby our primary school and get caught that we got no choice but to wash it away (crying together while doing it), when you had your first sleep over at my house during my birthday, when we started playing those mamasan toys (all the fake cooking and got scolded by my mom for taking the nasi lemak plates & forks at home), when we tucked out P.E shirt so that we can look cool and "ahlian", when we go for 5km running and I fainted halfway because of period LOL and you have to carry me all the way back under the hot sun because no one was there to help (I LOVE YOU T_T) and tons of things we've done together for the past 11 years!!!!!! LIKE CRAYYYYY, good memories and totally irreplaceable! 

There's one thing I've really learnt throughout this friendship, it isn't about who you've known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side no matter how bad the situation is. Be thankful to your bestfriend because he/she is the one who was there for you at your weakest point when no one else did and deserve to be there during your stronger times. He/she is the one that makes you feel extra special, this is not an ordinary friendship at all. Good friends are really hard to find nowadays, so if you have one, learn to cherish it.

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