9 July 2014

Majolica Majorca Lash King & Perfect Automatic Lin

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I am always a big fan of Japanese make up products and one of them is Majolica Majorca! Back then, I used their eyeliner and mascara before I made a switch to another brand! Nonetheless, I am able to try out their Lash King mascara and Perfect Automatic Pink Liner! Honestly? Pink Liner? Never try before and this time I get to try it!

Here's a picture of me after using... if you've been reading my blog for long, you should know that my lashes are extremely SHORT
Muahahaha, one eye monster >:) You see there? It really lengthen my lashes! 

What's good about this Majolica Lash King?
  1. Improved formulation featuring both superb lash adhesion and clump-free, smooth finishing touch (formulated with creamy wax and contains an increased amount of volume-increasing powder
  2. Volumizing effect with just a single brush
  3. Lightening effect (5mm super-long fibers and stretchy fluid base for alluring long lashes
  4. Curling effect (Formulated with quick-dry oil for lashes that remained curled for hours
I started using this Majolica Majorca Lash king and I am already in loveeeee with it, you must not miss it! It's retailing at $25.90

Moving on to Pink Liner!

Steps to use this eyeliner

  • Pull out the pink stopper mounted between the cap and the eyeliner
  • Press the cap firmly towards the eyeliner completely until there is no gap
  • Shake well with the cap on, remove cap, gently flatten the edge of the felt-type eyeliner
  • Turn the dial 10 times (10 clicks) before using it

 As it is new! So please be careful when you turn the second time! ;)

Felt pen with really soft, thin and pointed bristles which makes it easy to draw!

I was pretty sad because it didn't appear very obvious when I had them on. Probably because my eyes really don't suit any pink liner or it is too light & shimmer that my camera don't seems to be able capture it well. Apologized for that, so I can only show you how light pink it is on my hand. For the mean time, here's some picture I managed to get it from the press release!

Sorry for such a bad quality, but take a look once it's up on the eyes~
I didn't continue to use it.. which is sad to say (how I wish I could) Maybe in the future I might put them into good use again. If you're interested trying out their pink eyeliner then go for it! Different people, different opinion right? Anyway it's retailing at $22.90

  1. Easy to draw fine lines, water-based
  2. Resistant to perspiration, skin oils and tears (Super fix polymer)
  3. A dial-type felt pen liquid eyeliner that makes it easy to draw thin or thick lines
Where can you purchase it? 
Only EXCLUSIVE in Watsons stores from 26th June' 14 onwards

Guess what? Majolica Majorca is doing a give away on their Facebook page! Wanna win?!! All you got to do is to..

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