8 July 2014

My skincare journey with DRx (Premier Acne Treatment #1)

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Finally went back to The DRx Medispa to remove all my clogged pores and zap away bacteria that left deep inside my skin. I was recommended this Premier Acne Treatment by Dr Hui Yun which is suitable for my current skin condition right. Honestly.... didn't do facial for quite some time and had tons of seafood lately could be the reason why my skin reacts badly again. *SIGH* But, I was reassured that DRx is always here for me and saves my skin right away!

I was really excited to try out the treatment because it sounds cool?!?! It is my first time doing Premier Acne treatment too! Well let's get started, DON'T JUDGE KKKKKK my skin really gone back to worse for a period of time and thank god for DRx!

 After the therapist removed my make-up and double cleanse with the milk cleanser.
(Sorry that I have to ‘censor’ my eyes away LOL)

Starting off with a clean face and you can look at the amount of clogged pores on my forehead la?! Horrible... terrible... vegetable! I hate the fact that when I applied my make-up, there's like bump and it is sooo hideous!

Time for extraction.... I wouldn't say I really love this part because the therapist, Daphne, squeezed out the amount of blackheads that trapped inside my pores for long is crazy! You want to see the amount of white/blackheads trapped in my skin for long? *View at your own discretion*


I bet you would be like "WHUT??? FOR REAL?" Uh huh... it's damn disgusting and I can't believe all these had been trapped inside my skin for the longest time! Just by looking at it you can actually see how careful and patient Daphne is! It takes some time to actually squeeze everything out! She even take a look at the area near my hairline!!! (Honestly, my skin felt MUCH cleaner afterwards…. LOLOL)

This whole procedure was to zap away all the bacteria left in your skin, it will suck your skin up and let the light from the machine to get deep into your skin, kills all the bacteria and also prevent for more acne in the future, to actually see how effective it is. I GOT TO GO BACK AFTER 3-4 WEEKS FOR TREATMENT!

And masking time! LOLOL, Every time I just have to laugh at the picture when it comes to masking time because I look retarded here. HAHAHAHAHA.
As usual, the mask helps to cool down my face from the extraction and redness that was left from the whole procedure so that after facial I can walk around in town without looking like a TOMATO.

The whole procedure summary
Sonic Cleansing > Extraction > Isolaz > Peel Mask 
And also the treatment last about 1hr 30min and cost at $220 + 7% GST

Done with treatment and dinner with Charlene, my manager in DRx~ While waiting for Charlene to trim her hair... that's when I started being bored and being a selfie whore without my foundation except eyeliners & brows....
And byeeeee~

Look out for my next post on my daily Skincare regime with DRx! probably doing a vlog and explain to you all the products I am using and how it really helps my skin!

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