27 July 2014

Mitju tick tack shoes launch party!

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I was invited to Mitju Tick Tack shoes launch party on 24th July and each bloggers get to keep one pair of tick tack shoes and 2 accessories! I was really late for the event due to work but I still managed to attend and catch up with some of the CNOS3 bloggers!


They are available in 3 fabrics - Suede, patent and leather. I chose suede, something much more soft and sweet looking when I had them on! Well, I love the one in patent too but I preferred suede more although it is highly recommended not to wear it out on raining days lol. I really like how unique this shoes are because first of all, there's wide range of accessories for you to choose from and you don't have to worry about sticking to the same design or bother about friends mocking at you for wearing the same shoes over and over again! You can now mock them back "EH HELLO, I MITJU LOYAL CUSTOMER OK, I BUY ONE COLOUR BUT ALL DIFFERENT DESIGN ONE HOR." hahahaha #juststaycoolok remember 

Well... you can see wide range of accessories for you to choose from and honestly I HAD a hard time over there choosing which accessories will suit my suede shoes the best!
 So I chose the purple suede!!! So pretty!!! Love the accessories I've picked too! Well.... I misplaced my another accessories for this shoes (which I will definitely find it soon!!!!) HAHAHAHAHA *whats new????*

Simple yet pretty okkkkk c'mon my self customized shoes hahahaha

The amount of people in the shop and I believe there are more but could have left earlier!!! SEE I AM SOOOO LATE FOR THE EVENT but thankful enough to be able to catch up with some bloggers!!

Celine: Omg, I am going back to tell my mom I got free shoes at the party..... HAHAHAHA I CAN'T (DON'T KILL ME)

 Met new friend in the party thanks to Celine and yes last photo credit to Celine too! ;)

 Short post but I definitely had lots of fun in the party and I can't wait to wear my new shoes out!!! Look out for #shufengootd on Instagram ok because I will be featuring it! You won't regret buying it, I tried it on at home (dancing around in the house, felt like a ballerina for a moment and honestly it is extremely comfy) 

Grab your tick tack shoes at Mitju today!!! I swear best invention ever?!!!??? WELL IF YOU'RE THE ONE WHO CREATED THIS AND YOU'RE READING THIS, YEAH U R GENIUS. #irespectyouforsavinggirlsproblems

Ion Orchard #B4-28
Plaza Singapura #B1-15

It is retailing at $26.90 each and accessories is as low as $6.90 to $14.90!!
Thank you Mitju! Thank you The Influencer Network for the invitation! 

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