21 July 2014

Allure Beauty - Eyebrow embroidery

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Attractive eyebrows.... who don't wish to have it?!

Was really busy lately!! Hence, I can't delay this post any further and I understand that I've not been blogging about my 'exciting life' for quite some time, pleaseeee bear with me a little more to clear away all my advertorials/pending blog post before I really work and prioritize between ads/reviews/lifestyle blog post! 

Let's get started, received an email 3 weeks back and I was invited down to Allure Beauty to get eyebrow embroidery! I always wanted to get eyebrow embroidery and now that I was given a chance to so why not get it done! You know lazy people like me, need eyebrow embroidery badly because it save 5 mins of my time in the morning! 1 week back, I head down to Allure beauty at Tiong Bahru to get my brows done!! *Anxious*

(By the way, I forgotten to bring my camera on the day itself so thank god I had iphone5s to save my life! So please don't expect the photos gonna be like the usual resolution and thankful that Mistical is very understanding towards this situation)

Getting started with numbing cream first so that during the process it won't be soooo painful
I was told that it won't be that painful as compared to eyebrow tattoo.

 After 30 mins, time to wipe away the numbing cream and start trimming my brows.

 The whole process was really good, I nearly fell asleep when she trim and drew my brows. SHIOK LA THE FEELING... LIKE SOMEONE PLAYING WITH MY HAIR HAHAHAHA 

Honestly my face like...
LOL ok sounds wrong but yeah..

And after shaping out my desired brows, time to get my brows done!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE OUTCOME and I was really nervous ok!!! Mistical and the Allure Beauty Brow Expert tried to calm me down HAHAHAHAHA 

I guess the whole procedure took more than 1 hour? I can still feel a bit of pain during the eyebrow embroidery. (still bearable after all) I can imagine without the numbing cream..... LOL not funny 

(Before and after)
yeah close up of my left eyebrow and sexy mole and hideous pimple scar HAHAHA 
Can you see the difference!?! Sooooo nice!!!!

And I was given this smoothing cream for my brows, I've been diligently applying it for a week and now the scab had came off, my brows are much lighten now however, I still need to go for second round of touch after 4 weeks so I wouldn't say my brows are completely done yet? 

There you go second day of eyebrow embroidery and I already can't stand how fierce I look for a week because of the scab... 

After a week, here's my current brows condition....

Much lighter which I prefer it this way, I still have to fill in a bit of brow powder so that it can look more evenly. I can't wait for second round of touch up, hehe!

I wanna thank Mistical for this great opportunity and Allure Beauty Brow Expert for being so patience!

Is it painful?
I wouldn't say it is very painful during the procedure because it is totally bearable!!

Is it safe and trustable?
Yes it is! Mistical told me that Allure beauty always take pride in their hygiene level and ALL the tools they used are sterile to avoid any infection/bacteria.

How does the eyebrow embroidery works?
Allure beauty is using a small blade and they will only cut the top layer of the skin away so that the ink can be absorb into your brows area. Sounds scary but actually it is not!!! :)

How long will it last?
It all gonna depend on how you gonna take care of it, eyebrow embroidery can last up to a year. Of course, touch up is always necessary if you want to maintain good looking brows.

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