3 July 2014

{AD} Neutrogena deep cleansing foaming cleanser

I used to remember that I had been using Neutrogena foaming cleanser for a period of time before I switch to doctors cleanser. Neutrogena foaming cleanser have been real good to me in the past, it keeps my skin clean and fresh all the time and this time round, Neutrogena gets even better! They will be launching two new deep cleansing foaming cleanser, and I am honored to be able to try it out first! I was given two deep cleansing foaming cleanser and I have to choose which will be the best for my skin.

And my final decision is the deep clean brightening foaming cleanser

Verdict: I personally love foam cleanser a lot, I would say this is a good one! I do love cleanser that had a mild fragrance in it but, I don't really love the scent of this brightening foaming cleanser. If I would to choose the scent right now, I would prefer the hydrating foaming cleanser because the scent smells better than this. But after all I wouldn't say that this brightening foaming cleanser scent is a huge turn off, it falls on acceptable range and this foaming cleanser also lathers well, you just need a drop of water and rub it together gently, the foam will be enough for your whole face and neck. I can feel my face is smooth during rinsing, besides that, it is easy to wash off with a few big splash and I don't feel any stickiness left on my skin after rinsing. I generally do not like foaming cleanser that leaves my skin a little rough after rinsing and I am glad that after rinsing my skin with this Neutrogena cleanser, I can feel my pores are deep clean and my face a little brighter (but I guess it only last a few hrs)! The good thing about this is that it cleanses thoroughly, my makeup that is left on my skin was gone! Cleaner face actually helps to absorb other skin care products well too, now your skincare products that put on your face will be 10 times more effective than before…. I believe!

The good thing about this product?
  • Cleans 99% impurities from deep within to leave your skin brighter
  • It contains Mulberry Extract that helps to boost skin fairness with every wash
  • Oil-Free, Dermatologist tested
  • Non-Comedogenic (which is extremely important, because I always have clog pores issues)
  • Mild fragrance, not too strong.
  • little amount gives a lot of lather, totally enough for face and neck.
  • Removes all dirt that left in your pores
  • Sturdy flip cap packaging, spill proof and hygienic

Now, to my understanding of Neutrogena brand. This brand have been ongoing for many years, since 1930. (Omg I am not even born yet la LOL) and the founder of Neutrogena is Emanuel Stolaroff. They have been constantly improving their products and make sure that their products caters to all skin types, the ingredients they source from are beneficial for the skin too. (Don't worry!) Designing simple yet extraordinary, high-quality products to earn your trust. I believe that they are many people out there are fans of Neutrogena products! Because I was once too! Now the reason to believe? Brightening cleanser -Vitamin complex and mulberry extracts which will be 2 times the power of brightening and there's brand heritage, 60 years of experience in skincare, recommended by dermatologists too! You might also want to check out more information on their website - :)

A good cleanser is the true foundation of beauty!
Wow.... I really need braces LOL. T_T

Last of all don't forget to....
Look out for their new product, don't give it a miss if you're a big fan of Neutrogena products!
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